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Do You Need 5 Reasons To Visit Cuba?

Cuba Libre in Cuba

Cuba always been on your travel wish list? As Canadians, we are able to visit Cuba when we want with little restriction. It is a great packaged beach vacation destination for many. But there are also many interesting cities and towns that show off the art and culture of Cuba.

There is so much history to see when you visit Cuba. We toured around Havana and saw the Revolution Square and heard about the changes that most Cubans still remember. The old wall that once circled Havana was visible in spots.

Colour, Art and Music

We were continually amazed as we walked through the streets of Cuba to find art everywhere. Interesting statues drew people in to pose. Many statues were historic figures and others were just fun art.


See Life In The Country

We have visited the large city of Havana. And got another view of city life in smaller coastal cities like Santiago de Cuba and Cienfuegos. But we have also had the chance to go out into the country and see life at a different pace.

We drove though small towns. And stopped in for coffee or a drink. One day we visited a sugar plantation. A walk through showed us life that has not changed much through the years. One day we got to enjoy a local festival. It came complete with a roasted pig!

Picking Up Some Local Products

When we cruised to Cuba, many of the people on the ship picked up local Cuban art. There was much to choose from for souvenirs.

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Still others went in search of cigars. You can buy them at many places in Cuba. We had the opportunity on one visit to see a cigar factory. The people welcomed us and showed us the process used to make cigars. And what distinguished various quality levels. We did not take home cigars, but many did.

How To Travel
The first few times we visited Cuba we booked all-inclusive trips. These are typically beach resorts. There may some excursions from the resort. But this is really a good option if relaxation is a big one of your reasons to visit Cuba.

On our recent trip, we cruised to Cuba with Oceania Cruises for the holidays. The cruise ship went out of Miami and cruised around Cuba with a day stop in Havana and two overnight stops in both Santiago de Cuba and Cienfuegos. This was a great way for us to taste test some new destinations that we might want to return to. Most of the people on the cruise ship were Americans. If they booked excursions with the cruise ship, there were sure to stay within the current rules for Americans. Many people did more than one excursion a day to get the most of what might be their only visit to Cuba.

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If you don’t want a resort or cruise vacation, then it may be a bit harder to plan your Cuba trip. If will depend on the restrictions you have for visiting. But within the restrictions, it is still possible to plan a visit to Cuba that lets you see all the island has to offer.

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