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You should know that England {London} sees animal extinction just like all other countries. Therefore, it becomes your duty to do charity towards this end, or just spread the word that work needs to be undertaken to protect this wildlife. If you wish to get the hang of the situation first hand, then you must visit in England so that you feel the plight of those innocent eyed animals.

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Peace Ridge Sanctuary

This sanctuary is a haven for wild animals and pets that have lost their homes. These animals have been abused, neglected, and just wanted some caring cocoon, and safe arms to be nestled into just like little humans do, and this sanctuary promises just that. Now, these animals are healthy and maybe even happy that they have found a home where they can live in silence and mother like care. You must be touched, so do not wait and quickly book United Airlines Flights


This animal sanctuary gets 10,000 animals coming in every year. This sanctuary heals injured animals and birds. The refuge is famous, it is, and animals nap there everywhere knowing that they have been handed over to the right hands; the sanctuary seeks charity and donations as well as physical help in the form of vets offering free services for the animals there. If you wish to be there, maybe you should start scavenging for some United Airlines Reservations

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The big cat sanctuary

There, you would get the cheetah experience, the lion and tiger experience which means you get to see these wild animals on very close range. So, it is just you and these wild ones up, close and personal. You would be served buffet lunch right inside the sanctuary. It is an animal conservation site mostly for big cats and wildlife.

The monkey sanctuary, Cornwall

Monkey haven for those who love monkeys who dance and prance around. It is an excellent place for those who enjoy seeing monkeys do they notorious activities and can spend hours just observing these human ancestors.

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